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​A little about Me

Hello There, welcome to my website and thanks for visiting Succulents & Stiletto,  I'm Kim, Kimmy, Kimmers and Kimbones, think I got all them ha!
I've been keepin it real since 1979 and still trying to rock it! I'm a mom and wife who loves fashion, home decor, merchandising, styling, fitness and of course my crazy family! I was a fashion buyer for 14 years and threw in the towel a few years ago to be home more with my kiddos. One thing I never lost passion about was my eye for fashion and decorating, which is why I'm starting Succulents & Stilettos.  Now here I am blogging and hoping to begin a new chapter and business in this crazy life of mine.  Why you ask, why not? My goal is to inspire, motivate, help and have fun doing it.
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